If you’re looking for a secure home network, we can help. With file sharing, device sharing, and wireless device control, a secure network allows for a more connected home environment, and a more productive work environment.

Virus Removal

Viruses can infect our computer in a flash. Spyware can easily be installed on your PC. It slows your system down and prevents you from using your computer. Whatever the infection is, we will remove all viruses and spyware, making your PC productive again.


With the cost of technology coming down, a great home theater system is more affordable than ever. Whether it’s a simple flat screen on the wall or a dedicated theater room, we can help design and implement the perfect system to entertain you and your guests.

Cloud Services      

What is the cloud? Should I be using it? What are the pros and cons? These are the common questions that we answer every day for individuals. From photos to personal documents, let us take the guesswork out of it and help you get started.

Automated Backups

With security breaches on the rise and the constant threat of hardware failure, it is more important than ever to make sure your data is backed up. We can help automate the process so you can be rest assured that you have a recovery plan when disaster strikes.

Repair & Upgrade

Need an upgrade? We can install hard drives with larger storage capacity, faster SSD drives, more RAM, more powerful graphics cards or perform any other upgrade that you may need. Don’t have time to wait? We’ll pick your computer up, perform the service at our facility, and return it to you at no additional cost.


We offer residential wiring services for new or existing homes. We can provide the appropriate cabling needed for internet, phone, surveillance, and audio/video system connectivity.

Data Recovery

Computer crashed? Need your files? We know how important your data is. We can use our sophisticated data recovery software to retrieve those precious files. Once we recover the data, we can transfer it to another computer, external hard drive or any media of your choice.

Mobile Device Setup

We can set up and automate your system to allow you more time to enjoy the benefits. You can send and receive email, take and edit photos, view your surveillance cameras, or even remotely view and control your computer from anywhere in the world!

Camera Systems

The presence of cameras alone can be a deterrent to theft or misconduct by anyone who sees them. Camera systems can be a low cost, effective solution to monitor and record what’s happening in your home. You can view live images or playback recordings right from your mobile device or computer.


What new computer should I buy? Laptop or desktop? Is my network secure? These are important questions and they can seem overwhelming. We offer consultation services ranging from new computer purchases to technology planning for your home.